Copacabana for a Day

Yet another short trip to highlight. This time was different though, because it was the first time we made our way to a new country! In a previous blog post we laid out the stressful process of obtaining a Bolivian Visa but that’s just the Visa, not the actual crossing. Luckily, the actual crossing was not that exciting. We arrived to the border on our Peru Hop bus, had to get off with all of our luggage, get our exit stamp from Peru, fill out our customs sheet, they checked our documentation, and then we walked across the Bolivian border to a Bolivia Hop bus (same company as Peru Hop). (6).jpg

Before this, our Peru Hop bus broke down so unfortunately we were behind schedule which meant we missed our tour of Isla del Sol. This wasn’t a big deal since we were staying in Copacabana overnight and could do the tour the next day. When we got there we did our usual walk around the town. It’s not a big town so the walk didn’t take long. Similar to a couple of our other stops, there wasn’t a whole lot to do in this town except for the one highlight (Isla del Sol) but that’s totally fine with us. Our hotel had phenomenal views and the beachfront views from the bar were incredible. Copacabana also was a lot cleaner and seemed not as “dicey” as Paracas or Puno.


The next day we got on our boat to Isla del Sol (The Island of the Sun). The boat ride took over an hour because for some reason they only go about 10 MPH, it seemed like. (We are used to the Dahlquists letting it fly on Lake Panorama). The island is pretty rough in terms of terrain. There are no roads, only paths. There are still some people that live on this island and we were told archaeologists have evidence that people lived on the island as far back as the third millennium BC. Overall, it is a very easy hike with some excellent views and we had a great Brexit conversation with a girl from the UK.


Overall, Copacabana is a nice little town with excellent views and we are glad we stayed for 1 night (some just skipped right on to La Paz) but 1 day/night is definitely enough to see and experience everything.