How Much Did Argentina Cost?

Argentina gave us one last opportunity in South America to save just a little cash and we did pretty well for the most part! Here is our Argentina breakdown:

Where we DID save money? This is pretty similar to Chile in the sense that we benefited from not having a lot of activity expenses or transportation costs. We used our miles to fly from Santiago to Buenos Aires so that’s not on the cost sheet (about $100). The only transportation costs was the metro system. Our lodging was another big win because once again we had our own apartment and it only cost us $112 for 4 nights! It’s going to be hard to get that type of value for awhile.

Where COULD we have saved money? Food and drinks. We both agreed that Buenos Aires would be somewhere we would want to live, whereas some of the other cities are better suited for a vacation/trip. We think this because Buenos Aires had SOO many restaurants, bars, and stores around us that it was hard to choose where to even go. However, it didn’t have as many “historical” sights. So what did that mean for us? More eating and drinking and less walking around and sightseeing.

Summary - We made our budget again, so we’re happy. We have been in Spain for a couple of days and the exchange rate and the value you get for your money in South America compared to here is very different. So if you go to South America, take advantage of the food, drink, and lodging prices while you can!