How Much Did Germany Cost?

Germany concluded our very fortunate 10 day run of being able to ignore the cost of living. My awesome parents and sister went in to cover the 4 nights we spent with them in Goslar and Potsdam. The lodging cost line item is for the 3 nights we spent in Hanover.

This cost sheet also probably doesn’t need a huge breakdown. The cost of living was less than $100 so that obviously helped tremendously. Since my family was here on vacation they wanted to go out to eat every night at much nicer places than we are used to, but they covered these which kept this number low. Thanks #2 Mom and Dad. We enjoyed more beer than usual because… it’s Germany! But we can afford that (literally) since everything else was so cheap. Thanks #3 mom, dad, and sister.

And just because they deserve it… Thanks #4 mom, dad, and sister.