Romanian Food

Everyone loves food and we seem to get a lot of positive feedback when we post about what we are eating. We are by no means food connoisseurs but we do try and get out in each city to experience the cuisine. So we thought it would be worthwhile to start doing some food specific posts. Judging by the menus we saw, dishes borrow heavily from neighboring cultures (i.e. Turkish, Hungarian, Germanic). There are lots of soups and lots of meat (pork, lamb, and chicken). Here are some of the meals and snacks that we enjoyed.

Pork Pot - I am sure this wasn’t what it was called but it was a pot filled with palenta, pork sausage, bacon cubes, cabbage and garlic sauce. Very tasty.


Cabbage rolls with minced meat - They love cabbage here and sometimes it’s more like a kraut but it’s delicious in whatever form.


Stuffed chicken breasts - Probably really unhealthy but really good chicken breasts covered with a Gorgonzola cream sauce and stuffed with Parmesan.


Chicken fajitas - Mexican food does exist! Nothing too crazy about this dish which was just fine with us.


Spoon doughnuts with berries on top - We aren’t usually dessert people but we were told to try this dish and it didn’t disappoint. Hot doughnuts covered in cinnamon and then berries drizzled over.


Zacusca - This is like a thick salsa with a hint of spaghetti sauce/marinara flavor that is in every store and they put on bread. We actually got our introduction to this from our very kind AirBnb host who provided us a jar that her mother had made and now we are hooked.


Brunch - About once a month we like to do a brunch in a city and this time we chose Bucharest. The location was awesome because it was in this old abandoned mansion/house. Caitlin went with your standard omelette while I had what was almost like a full English breakfast (sausage, eggs, cabbage, and potatoes). Hard to beat a good brunch.


Snacks - Our friend Kyle told us to check out these croissants filled with stuff and once brought to our attention, we noticed they were everywhere. In every grocery and convenience store they have shelves of these rolls filled with everything you can think of: peanut butter, Nutella, jelly, etc. They are less than a dollar so everyone grabs one for a quick snack.

Doner Kebab - If we are in a hurry and want something to eat quickly then you can never go wrong with a doner kebab. They are like a gyro that comes in a pita or loose on the plate.