Welcome back!

The last blog post we published was May 15th, 2017 and we ended it by saying that we’d have more up our sleeves. I think we are following through on that statement just two years later by announcing that we are taking off on May 21st with a one-way ticket to Lima, Peru. From there, our plan is to make our way across the globe for an entire year. This has been a work in progress pretty much from the day we returned from our last trip in 2017—when we agreed we wanted to go further and for longer.

Without further ado, welcome to Dos Hobos. No one understood our previous blog name (The Zimmerpeople) so we wanted to switch things up. A lot of the blogs we have learned from had names like “Two Wandering Soles,” “Round the World Couple,” and other cute titles that made it clear TWO people would be traveling—so we decided to do the same. Our previous blogs focused on our day-to-day activities which was great, but it’s not realistic to do everyday for a year (and probably not fun to read either). Instead, we’re going about things a little differently on this adventure. Our goal is to make our blog more of an educational resource as opposed to just a recap of things we did that day. For example, Machu Picchu will undoubtedly be great and provide endless photo opportunities, but are we going to be able to show you a picture that you haven’t already seen? Probably not. However, can we lay out in detail when we got to Aguas Calientes, how we got there, how much it cost, where we stayed, how we got up to Machu Picchu, and any other tips that people should or (sometimes more importantly) should NOT follow? We absolutely can.

Here’s a list of some of the other features and topics we’re planning on including:

  • Blog Posts - Duh. This is a blog. As stated above though, we hope this blog serves a greater purpose than just giving you a brain dump of what we did that week. We’ve also incorporated categories and tags in all of our blog posts that we hope allows you to find exactly what you might be looking for, and faster. Categories will be general items like Hiking, Costs, Food, Lodging, etc., while tags will be more specific items like Lima, Thailand, Eiffel Tower, etc. Get the latest on the travel blog, here.

  • Cost Guides - The number one question we receive and the number one concern individuals have about taking a trip like this usually revolves around financials. To the best of our ability we are going to break down every expense we incur because it’s important if you’re traveling on a budget, and also because we are hoping we can prove with concrete numbers that this is doable. We will be posting country-by-country cost guides, here.

  • Vlog - Sometimes pictures just don’t cut it so the plan is to also incorporate a vlog (video blog) series. We are by no means videographers but that doesn’t mean we can’t give it a shot and have some fun with it. Since this is video, it will be much more of a personal look into the trip which is exciting because we want to be as real as possible when it comes to taking a trip like this. We’ll archive our travel videos here and you can always find them on Youtube, here.

  • Pictures - We will of course be taking plenty of pictures along the way, and putting them in the blog and also on our Instagram (@dos_hobos). My only hope here is that we can put a slightly different spin on our photos because let’s face it, by this point you’ve probably seen every angle and filter of every mountain, river, piece of food, and road known to the human race.

  • Toilet Reviews - You may have already noticed that our logo has a dude sitting on a toilet and the reason for that is because I (surprisingly not Caitlin’s idea) want to review toilets in each country! We were talking with friends who had been to India, and they’d mentioned that at one point they found themselves having to do their business in a hole in the ground. Well, in my opinion that absolutely needs documented (the toilet, not the actual process) so I am going to give my review of some toilets around the world.

This list may be ambitious, but we feel it’s important to keep busy and to document as much of this process as possible so others can learn from the successes and failures of our trip, and incorporate that into their own. Most importantly though, we hope you tune in because it’s entertaining. In the end there will be a lot of words to sum up this trip, but I don’t think dull will be one of them. Thanks again for following and spreading the word!


Ian and Caitlin Z.